Кафедра общей и прикладной геофизики


Опубликован доклад на 86th SEG Annual Meeting, 16-21 October 2016, Dallas, Texas USA.

Authors: Igor Chirkin, Ahmed Radwan, Oleg Kuznetsov,Evgeny Rizanov State University Dubna

Authors: Samuel Leroy Earthview Associates, Inc

Authors: Yury Lyasch JYL, LLC

Igor Chirkin, Ahmed Radwan, Oleg Kuznetsov,
“Dubna” University, Universitetskaya str., 19, Dubna, Moscow oblast, 141982, Russia, e-mail: olk@uni-dubna.ru, aaradwan2@gmail.com, iachirkin@gmail.com, egrizanov@gmail.com, dex@mail.ru

Considered are problems of improving the production efficiency of seismic exploration of oil and gas fields. Demonstrated is a possibility of enhancing the efficiency of seismic using the different classes of seismic waves: reflected, scattered, and microseismic emission waves. By combining CDP (CMP), SLEC (Seismic Location of Emission Centers) and SVSL (Side-View Seismic Location) technologies one can get independent and the most reliable (due to dominant correlations) information about traps, fluid saturation and fracturing of geological formations in the studied area. This allows optimize selection of drilling site and orientation of boreholes to produce a maximum possible hydrocarbon (HC) inflow. Presented are examples of applying this methodology.